• Swet Musli Capsules

Swet Musli Capsules are used as chief ingredient of over a hundred Ayurvedic medicines. Swet Musli is also used in preparation of medicines used by other ancient medical systems of Asia. Swet Musli is currently getting recognized to be a vitalize & health enhancing tonic, a curative medicine for Pre-natal & Post-natal health problems, a restorative to augment Immunity system & also as remedy for Diabetes & Arthritis. Swet Musli has been recognized in India as an effective Aphrodisiac, a traditional alternative of Viagra.

Swet Musli helps to reduce nervousness, pain, restless sleep, disturbing dreams, urinary stones, dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia, uterine problems, dysurea, anorexia, insomnia etc. Hyperactive children are cooled, fertility is augmented in childless women & abortion in pregnant women is prevented by its consumption.

How to Use?

Swet Musli prevents post menopausal symptoms when taken with a cup of saffron milk. Take 1 capsule of Swet Musli has to be taken twice a day after meals.

Packaging size: 500 mg.

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Swet Musli Capsules

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