• Sesame Oil Ripened

Cold-press organic sesame oil, i.e., til oil has proved itself to be the best choice for regular usage. Organic Sesame Oil Ripened has proved itself to be one of the best massage oils to be taken into application by all. This particular oil is ripened to a specific temperature in order to ensure that it comprises of maximum penetrating properties.

It helps in nourishing in nourishing and protecting the body along with easy balancing all three doshas hence enabling easy controlling of elements of body. It also helps in elevating energy levels, calming of mind and nerves and finally sharpening the mind. It is available in 200 ml plastic container along with a dispenser top.

How to Use?

Take 4-5 drops and massage gently.  

Packaging size: 500 ml.

A product of Maharishi Ayurveda

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Sesame Oil Ripened

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Organic Sesame Oil Ripened

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