• Organic Kapha Massage Oil BDIH-CNC

The Organic Kapha Massage Oil BDIH-CNC is simply based on sesame oil along with herbs that are treated in a time consuming as well as traditional procedure of BDIH-CNC. As it comprises the mixture of citronella essential oil, its application helps in invigorating senses in the morning.

A certified Ayurvedic massage oil comprising Elecampane, nut grass, Indian spikenard and other essential herbs. It will be highly beneficial for oily skin that holds the tendency to fall into the clutches of impurities. This precious massage oil is based on certified organic cultivation and cent percent naturally pure citronella aroma oil. Regular massage of the oil for some time in a day revives senses hence ensuring a relaxed starting of day. Contributes a lot in reducing kapha! Available into containers of 150 ml for easy carrying and usage! Helpful for people of all age groups as a good starting of the day is expected by all! 

How to Use?

Use this oil twice a day.

Packaging size: 150 ml.

A product of Maharishi Ayurveda

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Organic Kapha Massage Oil BDIH-CNC

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