• Mahavishgarbha Tail

Mahavishgarcha Tail is a proven Ayurvedic component very much helpful in providing medicinal benefits. An externally useful product, very much helpful in rectifying joint pain, rheumatism, hemicranias, neuralgia and many more! A great choice for sportsmen in case they suffer from serious muscular pain.

It is manufactured with care by using extracts of natural ingredients like kuchala, til oil, errand mool, arkmoola, shringrikvish, dhatura panchang and many more. It needs to be rubbed gently on affected areas. Better to consult an expert doctor in order to get a good knowledge regarding the actual dosage required. Very much helpful in curing inflammatory infections!

How to Use?

Mahavishgarcha Tail helps a lot to lubricate joints along with muscles. A great product in sorting out concerns regarding cartilage and ligament! Being a massage oil, it duly supports blood circulation. This product is free from any type of harmful chemicals due to which it can be used by anybody belonging to any age group. 

 Packaging size: 50 ml.

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Mahavishgarbha Tail

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