• Kapha Massage Oil

Kapha Massage Oil is formulated on the base of organic sesame and sunflower oils. This invigorating blend comprises of nine essential organic herbs that include punarnava, chitrak, calamus and rosemary. This energizing blend of herbs helps in activating, mobilizing and balancing of kapha.

Regular massage with the help of this oil helps in reducing kapha by simply promoting mild sweating, stimulating circulation and cleansing the system. By regular usage, you can easily experience the revitalizing and renewing benefits of kapha massage oil.  It is free from any animal product due to which it can be expected to remain free from any side effect. The Kapha massage oil helps in stabilizing the functionality and structure of the body. A stimulating and invigorating massage with this herbal oil will help in balancing kapha hence keeping things to move and finally providing energy to the person. As it is available at nominal charge, it can be said to be a cost effective choice. 

How to Use?

Use this oil twice a day.

Packaging size: 150 ml.

A product of Maharishi Ayurveda

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Kapha Massage Oil

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