• Honey Lemon Candy

Honey lemon Candy is one of the candies which not only act as a candy but also useful during cough and cold. The candy also could be used to reduce throat problems like cracking voice and irritation. The candy is blend well with honey. Apart from the throat these candies also soothes the mouth. It helps to remove the bad smell while breathing. It also helps to cool the nasal jam while happens during cough and cold. It is very cheap to buy and it can be carried anywhere. It is made up of many herbal ingredients like Tulsi and other ayurvedic products that help to protect the diseases. The most important ingredient which it contains is honey that is helpful for our body in many ways.

How to Use?

The use of these candies is very easy. One can have these candies anytime whenever he feels a problem in throat or catches cough or cold.

Packaging size: 20 Pcs.

A product of BAPS Amrut

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Honey Lemon Candy

  • Brand: BAPS Amrut
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