• Dhatupaushtika Churna

It’s a polyherbal ayurvedic medicine best for health. It improves the vigor of the body and strength of the nerves. It increases the energy levels, decreases stress, thereby correcting the reduced sexual desire which is also a cause for infertility. It also satisfies your partner properly. It increases the semen and testosterone. It can also be used to strengthen the genital organs after an infection. And as it’s an herbal product so it does not contain any kind of side effects. And if you want to increase weight, you can also have it.

How to Use?

Take this Dhatupaushtika Churna 1 tablespoon with warm water or milk, and 1 tablespoon sugar, once or twice in a day after the food.

Packaging size: 120 grams

A product of Baidyanath

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Dhatupaushtika Churna

  • Brand: Baidyanath
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