• Divya Akik Pishti

This pishti is made from a natural mineral stone called as akika.  This mineral stone akika is widely used for making different types of natural or herbal medicines. It will prevent different kinds of diseases from your body. It’s a best remedy for digestive disorder, heart diseases, and liver problems.  This natural herbal stone help to increase body strength and it also provide energy.

There are several colors you may found like blue, white, yellow and red. Mainly, white color is widely people used to make or prepare of remedies. Divya akik pishti is a natural medicine or remedy made by Patanjali that help to prevent different kinds of diseases like heart problem, gastric and nerves disorder etc.

How to Use?

You can take Divya Akik Pishti 1/4 table teaspoons twice in a day with honey. But before take the quanity it’s always better to consult with a ayurvedic physician.

Packaging size: 10 grams
A product of Swami Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved

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Divya Akik Pishti

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