• Aswagandha oil

Aswagandha oil for Body Massage is herbal based ayurvedic product. It is helpful for body massage for healing of nervous disorders, body ache, Epilepsy, and also helpful for improving muscle tone.Itisalso helpful for joint pain, knee pain, general debility, Arthritis.As this is herbal based oil, it can be recommendedas Ayurvedicmedicinal oil by doctors.

It contains different herbs to compose Aswagandha oil for Body Massage and is thereby effective for healing pain for body ache. It may be used for external use only. In case of headache, you can apply it on forehead and at joints for pains, in case of Arthritis, you apply it externally for healing of pains. Main purpose of the oil is to use as body massage. As the penetration of the oil gives healthy feelings in the body. But, it functions well in cases of other pains like joint pain, Arthritis.

How to Use?

Take the quantity as prescribed by physician. 

Packaging size: 100 ml.

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Aswagandha oil

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