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Kanakasava is the Ayurvedic remedy for Chronic Respiratory Disorders, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough & Cold, Phthisis etc. Respiratory Problems. Pollution level of Environment is very high in today’s world. Due to various types of Air Pollution, pollutants of various types & sizes get suspended in air & enter human body with respiration. The pollutants attack different parts of human respiratory organs mostly lungs, respiratory tract etc. Because of this attack, different types of Respiratory Diseases occur in human body. Nowadays most of the people suffers from cough & cold, respiratory problem, asthma, bronchitis etc.

The lungs are weak in children as mostly they inherit respiratory problems from their parents. This condition gets aggravated by all round air pollution caused by industrial emissions, pollen of trees, viruses, bacteria etc. Kanakasava is solution for all these problems.

How to Use?

Take 3-6 teaspoonful of Kanakasava has to be mixed with equal quantity of water & has to be consumed twice a day after meals.

Packaging size: 450 ml.

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