• Shampoo Kapha

Shampoo Kapha is herbal based product in the category of Maharishi Ayurveda. The product shampoo of this category may be used for normal, oily hair and should be used with gentle care. After using, you may get vitality of hair, with natural shine. It is shampoo with purpose of cleansing and nourishing with strengthening properties.

Shampoo Kapha consists of original herbal ingredients extracted from fruits and flowers. The functions of herbal ingredients are to increase cleansing, nourishment of   hair with strengthening of hair even in thick and greasy hair condition.  The product is made in India as per herbal formula.

How to Use?

Shampoo Kapha can be applied on wet hair with appreciable amount for your hair, massage, wash and rinse off to achieve soft, nourished shiny hair.

Packaging size:  200 ml.

A product of Maharishi Ayurveda

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Shampoo Kapha

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