• Hair oil pitta

Hair oil pitta is one of the best ayurvedic oil made by Maharishi.  It helps to increase the hair growth and make your hair healthy. People who mainly have a pitta constitution, hair oils favoring this constitution are recommendable. In such cases coconut oils as it is pita pacifying and can retard hair issues associated with aggravation of pitta dosha.  Hair oil pitta includes sesame oil, bhringraj plant, brahmi herb, hibiscus, mimosa leaves, water lily, lodhra an important ayurvedic herb, manjistha an herbal plant and turmeric and turmeric plants. This is available in the market by any ayurvedic products dealer. This product helps to reduces the hair fall and helps to increase the hair growth. 

How to Use?

Daily massage will not just bring down the pitta problems slowly and strengthens the hair roots and hair growth but proper usage also favors proper hair color. This oil may be used as prescribed by the doctor. 

Packaging size:  100 ml.

A product of Maharishi Ayurveda

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Hair oil pitta

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