• Giloy Churna

It’s a complete ayurvedic produce and best for fever and skin related problem. People at any age can use this product. But it’s always better to consult with ayurvedic physician before purchase it.  As it’s a herbal product it does not have any kind of side effect. The Giloy Churna is a very helpful medicine for those people who are suffering from Jaundice.  It’s best for different kinds of flue and fevers. It acts as a blood purifier. And it also removes pitta diseases. 

How to Use?

Take this Giloy Churna 1 tablespoon with water, twice in a day. 

Packaging size: 100 grams

A product of NIDCO Herbal

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Giloy Churna

  • Brand: Nidco
  • Product Code: HMC-0010
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