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Femohills 30 soft gel Capsules are Ayurvedic Medicines for nourishment of female reproductive system. It is a traditional medicine for health & well being of women of all ages. Its component Asoka is uterine tonic & supports healthy female reproductive system. Another component Lodhra reduces inflammation of uterus & help to prevent Leucorrhea & Menorrhagia. Last component Dashamoola has anti-inflammatory & analgesic capacities. It reduces low back ache & other pains in body.

 Femohills 30 soft gel Capsules helps to maintain regularity of menstrual cycle & maintains menstrual flow. It maintains proper balance in hormones of human body & also acts to nourish & strengthen female reproductive organ.

How to Use?

Take 2 Femohills 30 soft gel Capsules has to be taken daily in morning with warm water or milk in empty stomach. Best result is achieved if the capsules are taken with warm water.

Packaging size:  30 Capsules

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Tags: Menstrual Disorders

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