• Erand Oil

Nowadays, people are very much aware of their well being. Keeping this thing into due consideration, Ayurvedic experts have recently manufactured Erand oil into the market. Its regular consumption helps a lot in enhancing constipation. It can be easily taken by all falling within the group of new born babies to adults.

Regular massaging of hair with the help of this product helps a lot in preventing growth of dry scalp, eliminating dry hair, thickening of hair, boosting overall health of hair. It also helps in making the hair fuller and shinier. This Ayurvedic product helps a lot in deeply conditioning and moisturizing scalp and hair. 

How to Use?

People suffering from too much oily skin may also take into usage Erand oil. Massaging the same helps a lot in curing acnes along with erasing wrinkles and growth of eyebrow and eyelashes hence returning back the lost youth! Massaging hands as well as feet with this oil will keep them soft.    

Packaging size: 100 ml.

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Erand Oil

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