• Giloye Stem Juice

 This is a kind of herbal juice which is very helpful for the individuals. It tries to prohibit all kind of diseases in the bodies especially like acidity, joint pain, body ache, jaundice, asthma, hepatitis, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes, excessive urination, flu infection, indigestion, arthritis and also fever. It also increases the immune power of the body. Even the benefit of this juice is that it tries to prevent you also from many diseases and also taking this juice will not do any kind of side effects.  It also increases the level of hemoglobin in humans’ body. It is helpful for reducing wind problems in your body if is used with ghee and should be drunk with honey if used with honey.

How to use?

One should take this preferably twice a day morning and evening or as prescribed by the physician, or else up to 12 years 10ml and above that 30 ml twice a day.

Size available: 500 ml.
A product of BAPS Amrut

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Giloye Stem Juice

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