• Amrut Gotunee Soap

Guys suffering from highly oily, sensitive and infection prone skin need to take into usage Amrut Gotunee soap. A pure bathing soap, very much helpful in effective cleansing excess oil and dirt hence preventing the cause of acne! It is manufactured by using selective natural ingredients that are well known to be effective for oily skin.

Multani clay helps in clearing of excess oil in an effective manner. Fried dried gomutra and honey helps in removal of clogging from pores of skin by lifting away dirt and other impurities in a gentle manner. The inclusion of natural antiseptics like neem and tulsi helps in protecting the skin from infection.

This soap does not get smashed up easily even after being wet due to which it can be used for long hence proving to be an economical choice. Prepared under strict supervision of Ayurvedic experts! Can be used by infants as well because it does not cause tears even after getting inside eyes!

How to Use?

Use twice a day during bath. 

Packaging size:  75 gm.

A product of BAPS Amrut

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Amrut Gotunee Soap

  • Brand: BAPS Amrut
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