BAPS Amrut Karela Jamun Juice helps a lot in constipation. It is enriched with Amla, Neem, Giloye and Sadabahar. Also the presence of karela, jamun and extracts of other natural ingredients has enhanced the value. The juice is very much helpful in preventing lots of diseases that is created due to diabetes, helps a lot in boosting of immune system, purifies blood and vitalizes pancreas along with immune system.

This Ayurvedic product has proved to be very much helpful in improving eye sight, rectifying skin issues, excessive urination and many more. Regular usage of the product at least twice in a day will definitely yield best result. It also increases H.B. count. Best choice for people who desire to have fair skin.

How to use?

BAPS Amrut Karela Jamun Juice helps a lot is stimulating pancreas to secret insulin. It stimulates up taking of glucose along with its metabolism by tissues. A highly nutritious product! take it daily to get healthy body. 

Size available: 500 ml.
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Amrut Karela Jamun Juice

  • Brand: BAPS Amrut
  • Product Code: HBC-0013
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  • $14.52

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