Baidyanath Vita ex gold plus is an ayurvedic capsule made for those who wish to lead a more energetic life. It is made with the combination of enriched and fortified with gold, silver and a blend of 17 powerful herbs for sustained stamina and increased vigor and vitality.

Normally when a person performs excess sexual intercourse & masturbation then his body goes weak & weak day by day & at last he loses his sexual stamina & remains suffocated all the day. Always thinks negative & no energy in the body. Person performing masturbation always thinks that it is the last time he is performing that but performs again & again the same. Due to this he opens up the gate of several diseases relating to sexual disorders like Premature Ejaculation, Nightfall, Low libido problem, Impotency, Erectile dysfunction etc.

Vita-ex Gold Capsules is a best herbal medicine preparation which is totally meant for controlling & energize the persons suffering from sexual disorders. By its regular consumption, the person will feel energized & rejuvenated all the day even after the excessive masturbation & sexual intercourse. The sexual stamina will be increased & the premature ejaculation will be stopped.

  • Removes weakness due to Masturbation
  • Removes weakness due to excess sexual intercourse
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • Makes your body & mind active & rejuvenated all the day
  • Purely herbal formula with no side effects

How to Use?

1-2 capsule twice a day with milk or water or as directed by physician.

Packing: 20 capsules.

A product of Baidynath Ayurveda

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Baidyanath vita-ex gold capsules

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