•  Ashokarishta Special

Ashokarishta Special is an Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of Leucorrhea, Haematuria, Menorrhagia, and Dysmenorrhoea & different other Menstrual Problems of women. These menstrual problems are abdominal ache, profuse bleeding during menstruation, prolonged bleeding during menstruation, abnormal & irregular menstrual cycle, scanty bleeding during menstruation etc. Ashokarishta Special acts as alterative, stimulant & astringent on human body. This medicine works like magic on women suffering from different gynaecological problems.

It not only cures these afflictions completely, also treats weakness, loss of appetite, depression, lack of concentration etc. among women. This medicine makes women patients free from their physical afflictions, reduce their mental burdens as they feel well, reduce their stress level & consequent symptoms etc.  Ashokarishta Special is stronger medicine than normal Ashokarishta.

How to Use?

3-5 spoonful of Ashokarishta Special has to be mixed with equal quantity of water & has to be taken twice daily after meals.

Packaging size: 450 ml.

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Ashokarishta Special

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