• M2 Tone Syrup

M2 Tone Syrup is herbal based product. M2 Tone Syrup consists of ingredients which have got the properties to regularize menstrual cycle, other gynecological problems. The product removes all worries regarding uterine problems for women as the product which is non hormonal, acts as modulator of uterus. It can control heavy menstrual bleeding and menstrual disorders.M2 Tone Syrup helps to restore normal menstrual cycle and remove all sorts of uterine disorders.

TheM2 Tone Syrup can also solve problems with absence of menstrual cycle. It is composed with essential herbs like Asparagus, Dashmool, Emblica, Ecliptaalba, Withania Somnifera, and so on.M2 Tone Syrup can help in treating endocrinal imbalance and restores normal menstrual cycle. It also takes care of unexplained infertile.

How to Use?

Patients have to consume one tea spoons full of M2 Tone Syrup twice daily.

Packaging size:  200 ml.

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M2 Tone Syrup

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