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Aloehills 60 Capsules are made from Aloe Vera & are Ayurvedic remedies for skin diseases & menstrual problems. Each of these capsules contains 400 mgs of powder made from crushed Aloe leaves. The traditional Indian name of Aloe Vera is Kumari. It indicates main function of Aloe Vera. It acts to maintain healthy reproductive system of adolescent girls. It also functions as hepatic stimulant. Aloe Vera herb has anti- oxidant qualities which bind free radicals. Aloe Vera is also used in tonic form to maintain soft & shining skin.

Aloehills 60 Capsules functions as hepatic stimulant, whereby digestion of food becomes effective & digestive problems get solved. It also acts as a blood purifier & cleanser & also as menstrual modulator.

How to Use?

Take 1 Aloehills 60 Capsule has to be taken twice daily after meals or as prescribed by the physician. If taken with warm water, the capsules give best results.

Packaging size:  60 Capsules

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Tags: Menstrual Disorders

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